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"Diva" Diana

CEO/Travel Advisor

I'm the "Diva" born and raised in NYC, now residing in Atlanta. Traveling has been a big part of my life experience. My traveling started as a teenager, traveling around the world jumping and teaching the sport of Double Dutch. As an young adult I started hosting and organizing social  and travel events. In 2001, I decided to start my own part-time Home Based Travel Business. During these years I was working a full-time job, started and ran a Non-profit Women Organization. In 2006, I retired from my full-time job and the travel business became full-time. Since the start of my business I've hosted many group cruises, numerous social events in NYC and Atlanta, visited various destinations, like the Caribbean Islands, Hawaii, Dubai, Africa, Europe and on my way to tour some more of the worlds exciting destinations. In 2013 I created Promoters United. My mission was to create a way for small business owners (travel agents, promoters, DJ's, etc.) from different cities to join together and network via travel events. My newest venture is passing on my travel business knowledge to others. So for 2015 I'm starting a Independent Travel Agent Program. "Sharing Is Caring"!

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